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CoolMoon AIO ARGB Tube


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CoolMoon 2pcs Hose Pipe Aura Sync Luminous Sleeve Silicone Water Cooling Radiator Tube 5V 3PIN ARGB 4PIN Computer Case Decoration

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Out of stock


1. High-quality soft silica gel: The light is soft and translucent. The silica gel has the advantages of strong light-guiding, soft and durable. When the light passes through the silica gel, it presents a warm and translucent texture like jade.
2. High-density high-brightness lamp beads: The 345mm long light-emitting tube has as many as 35pcs ARGB lamp beads built-in. Such high-density lamp beads make the light very bright and full, without leakage of lamp beads, and without obvious shadows on the surface.
3. Upgraded 360° panoramic lighting: Every angle is beautiful, ST350 is a second-generation 360° panoramic lighting design, compared with ordinary first-generation LED, the light effect is more transparent and bright, and there is no shadow on the back. The angles are beautiful!
4. 5V ARGB Aura Sync: Programmable 16.8 million colors, support the second-generation addressable ARGB interface of for ASUS / MSI / Gigabyte / ASRock and other motherboards, and control the lighting through software.
5. Multi-interface design: It is more convenient to expand and install. The 5V 3-pin ARGB dual interface + small 4PIN interface design greatly improves the expandable performance of the product.


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