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Zezzio Thermal pad

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Zezzio Thermal Pad Soft Heat Dissipation Silicone Pad CPU/GPU Graphics Card Motherboard Silicone Grease Pad 12.8W/MK Multi-Size.

First and probably the most important is the conductivity, which in cases of thermal paste labeling is often expressed in W/mK which stands for Watt per meter by Kelvin. The higher the number, the better the thermal conductivity of the compound

600.00৳ 1,000.00৳ 



•Strong plasticity, a variety of sizes, and can be cut at will.
•Durable, insulated and non-conductive.
•Easy to use, it can be used without applying silicone grease and tearing off the protective film on both sides.
• One pad is multi-purpose, which can be used for CPU, GPU, graphics card, memory, mining, SSD solid state drive, gaming equipment, etc.


85*45*0.5mm, 85*45*1mm, 85*45*2mm, 85*45*3mm


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