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SNOW FAN ARGB 3 in 1 kit


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High Quality Silent 12CM PC Case ARGB fan set and big Axial Flow Cooling Fans for Gaming PC


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Quick Details
Brand Name: Snow fan
Bearing: Fluid Bearing
Power Interface: Pwm 4pin
Led Interface: ARGB 3 Pin
Fan Speed Control: 900RPM -1800RPM
Air Volume: 77CFM
Fan Life:40000 hrs
Fan Size:120x120x25mm

Addressable RGB LED Lighting
With 16.8 million colors, the SNOWFAN ARGB offers numerous possibilities to uniquely stage Your Case.
The addressable RGB LED lighting is integrated in the fan frame and casts a light glow on the impeller and shines stylishly

5V RGB Connector SYNC with Computer Motherboard
Your can connect the Female connector of the Fan to 5V LED Male connector on computer Even you haven’t remote / controller box,you also can control the Fan’s different mode of color.

Airflow-optimized fan blades
Achieve a significantly higher volume flow, total pressure and exit speed at the same speed compared to other fans,And air turbulence on the impeller is greatly reduced to ensure even quieter operation at full speed.

IC Motor Control
High quality IC motor control for minimal noise development, especially in the low speed range.

Fluid Dynamic Bearings
By using the fluid dynamic bearing, we can achieve low-vibration and whisper-quiet operation of the fan.

PWM speed control
The new SNOWFAN Case fan supports speed control between 900 rpm to 1800 rpm using the PWM signal from the motherboard to minimizing noise or maximizing airflow.

De-vibration Rubber pads
The de-vibration pads reduce the often annoying noises that are transmitted to the housing by the vibrations of the fan, thanks to their excellent anti-vibration properties.


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