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Zezzio Intel Correct frame


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Zezzio Intel 14/13/12th gen CPU Correction Anti Bending Frame LGA1700 Socket


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Zezzio Intel 12th/13th/14th gen CPU Anti Bending buckle LGA1700

Official Website: zezzio.cn



Color: Black
Size: L54mm*H70mm*W6mm
Material: aluminum alloy
Weight: main body 20g | overall 55g
Accessories: L-shaped screwdriver X1

Installation process

1. Place the motherboard horizontally on the desktop and open the CPU clip;
2. Use the included T20 Torx screwdriver to remove the upper part, and put the lower fastener aside;
3. Put the CPU into the socket;
4. Cover the improved buckle on the top cover of the CPU and move it slightly until it clicks into place;
5. Tighten the screws in half a circle on the opposite corners. Each screw takes turns in half a circle and a half circle in the diagonal order until the screw is on, will put pressure on the CPU unevenly.


1. Compared with other similar products, this product adopts four-sided flat pressure instead of multi-point pressure, precise positioning, avoiding capacitors, and is good for CPU fixation;
2. The contact surface with the motherboard is a flat bottom, and the original LOTES insulation protection pads of the same specification are used to reduce the pressure on the motherboard and further reduce signal interference;
3. The metal side is raised to reduce signal interference on the motherboard side;
4. Anode sandblasting is made of all-aluminum alloy CNC precision, 4-color optional.


LGA Socket


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