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PC Backlight Ambilight Kit


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What if you didn’t just watch something on Monitor, but felt it? With a Ambilight display color change with the color of display color , intelligent LEDs cast on-screen colors onto the walls, and into the room, in real time. Your screen will seem bigger, every moment will feel closer, and music gets a light show.

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Backlight Kit For PC (Changes Color with Display )

Ambilight is a lighting system that actively adjusts both brightness and color based upon picture content. Integrated into the  monitor, Ambilight technology is aimed to enable the viewer to see more picture detail, contrast, and color while eliminating on-screen reflections.

Click Installation Tutorial for PC Tutorial


1. This backlight Kit only work with Computer (Windows System), not work with TV, unless the TV is used as a computer monitor.

2. Before it’s set up well in Ambibox software, the LEDs will not light up, or only several LEDs will light up. Pls set up in Ambibox first.

3. If the product doesn’t work properly, pls contact us firstly, pls don’t open dispute or write negative feedback directly. We will help you solve any problem for you.

How to Use it?

Step 1: Install LED Strip on the back of computer monitor, connect the power and USB cable (same as the video).

Step 2: Install the Ambibox software and set up.

2.1 Download Ambibox Software

Download link: http://www.ambibox.ru/en/index.php/Main_Page

2.2 Install the Ambibox Software. When install it, we don’t recommend to choose components “PlayClaw”. In Select Device part, pls choose “Adalight”.

2.3  Set up the parameter as following picture. Select the port according to your computer CH340 port. If select correctly, the device status will be “Connected”. If you can find the CH340 port in your computer, pls download the CH340 driver and install it on your computer.

Optional , CH340 driver download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GS5FrjN5620I_RKJMOe5IAGNSqlke9jC/view

2.4 When all parameters are set up correctly, choose “Use Backlight”, the LED strip will light up and work properly.

Tips: if the LED colors are washing out or seems very white rather than colorful, pls adjust your gamma settings. If there is a white backlight on a pure black screen, pls increase the size of sample zones, it will take a bit of fine tuning but worth it.

Package List

LED Control Box   *1
WS2812B LED Strips   *1
USB Cable   *1
Power Adapter   *1
User Guide   *1

User Videos:

Strip Size

30 Led 3m, 30 Led 5m, 60 Led 3m, 60 Led 5m


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