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LF99 ARGB & PWM Fan Controller Hub 3 in 1


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Control your ARGB Products without Motherboard Header with 3 in 1 Intelligent Controller Hub

  • ARGB Controller
  • Pwm Fan Hub
  • Fan Speed Controller
  • 9 Argb 3pin 5v + 9 PWM 4pin Fan Port

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Out of stock


1. Multi-interface design, the expansion capability is greatly improved: 9*3Pin ARGB interface + 9*4Pin temperature control interface, 9 sets of ARGB&PWM interfaces can install up to 9 sets of ARGB fans at the same time, the convenient installation method makes the installation more efficient.
2. PWM intelligent temperature control: Energy saving and noise reduction. After the motherboard turns on the PWM temperature control mode, when the CPU temperature rises, the fan automatically increases the speed and cools down quickly; when the CPU temperature drops, the fan automatically reduces the speed, saving power and reducing noise. Support CPU FAN intelligent temperature control intervention.
3. Synchronized mainboard light control: Support for ASUS / MSI / Gigabyte / ASRock mainboard, through the mainboard control, the light can be synchronized with other ARGB products (5V/3Pin ARGB light control interface), (12V/4Pin RGB interface).
4. 5V ARGB Aura Sync: Support 5V 3-pin ARGB on motherboards such as for ASUS / MSI / GIGABYTE / ASRock, etc., and control the synchronization of radiator lights through software.
5. Bottom magnetic design, convenient installation: The bottom of the controller adopts a large-area magnet adsorption design. The built-in magnet can be adsorbed on the iron metal surface inside the chassis, which effectively saves space, makes installation and cable management easier and more convenient, and makes the interior of the chassis more tidy.


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