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GPU Bracket Vertical LCD Display


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Video Display GPU Bracket, 2.4- inch Temperature Detection, ROG VGA Holder, For PC Case Decorate AURA SYNC 5V



Note: This item not available in our stock its for pre order. We have to bring this from China after customer order, if u want to order this product please contact us over phone or messenger.
for pre order you have to pay 50% advance payment to confirm the order after that product delivery time within 20-30 days. After product arrived remaining amount will be cash on delivery. you join facebook community  group Facebook Community Group to see customer product review and post who bought product from us.

This product requires a driver to set the temperature control of the display screen. Please visit the following website to download the English version of the driver and manual.


Aida64 main parameters
CPU: temperature, usage rate, core frequency, fan speed, voltage, power consumption
Graphics card (GPU)): temperature, usage rate, core frequency, fan revolutions, voltage, power consumption
Memory: usage rate, access speed, used memory, available memory
Hard disk: usage rate, read speed, used size, available size
Others: download and upload speed, volume, running time, BOS version, fan speed, etc.

Aida64 main parameters After the 2.4-inch monitor is connected, the driver needs to be set up, and a video installation tutorial is provided.
In addition to playing the “
temperature control interface“, the display also “supports carousel pictures“. However, the video cannot be played due to resolution limitations.




Black, White


Gpu Bracket, PC Display, PC Mods Part


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