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Smart Led Blub 10W


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WIFI+BLE Bluetooth+2.4G remote control (single installation without remote control)

Support voice control of domestic small platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google home, IFTTT, Siri and Tmall Genie

1 Year Warranty for bulb

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This is smart led blub that can be control with remote and without remote with App and Alexa ,Google Assistance voice control

Color Temperature(CCT):2700K-6500K, 2700-6500K
Support Dimmer:Yes
Working Time (hours):30000
Type:Led Bulb
Input Voltage(V):AC 190V-240V
Lamp Body Material: Aluminum+Plastic
Base Type:E26, E27
Place of Origin:China
Switch Mode:wifi, Remote Control
APP:Magic Home App
Control:2.4G WIFI
Control Mode:APP+Remote Control Smart Bulb

Instruction Manual Click to see: Smart Bulb setup Instruction

Click How to pair the wireless remote control?

Advantages of dual-mode products:

A. One-to-many control

The remote control can be paired with multiple WiFi bulbs at the same time, and multiple WIFI bulbs can be controlled with one key without limitation. ( REMOTE NOT INCLUDED BATTERY) 

Compared with WiFi devices, the performance is more stable and the connection becomes simpler . The device can be connected locally through Bluetooth and controlled by Bluetooth without a router. (No need to worry about the unavailable situation after disconnection or disconnection)

The device is in Bluetooth local mode, even if WIFI is turned on and off, it will not affect the use of the device. Please note that remote control, third-party platforms and widgets cannot be used in Bluetooth mode.

Use Bluetooth mode to add devices, Android phones and iPhones can add up to 6 devices. Depending on the configuration of the mobile phone, the number of added devices is not many, some can only add 3, some 4, and some 5.

Add light bulbs via WIFI. When the device is online and remotely online, you can control the device via remote and third-party voice platforms.

Generally to distinguish whether the bulb is dual-mode, you can refer to the following method:
It can be distinguished from the device signal. Generally, the dual-mode signal appears in this format LEDnetxxxx (BLE + WiFi). If the customer’s APP is the latest version and the mobile phone’s Bluetooth is turned on, add the device interface You will find this signal; if the APP is an old version, it needs to be updated to the latest APP.

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