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Arctic MX-6 Thermal paste


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Arctic MX-6 ULTIMATE Performance Thermal Paste

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Arctic MX-6 is a thermal compound or thermal paste that is designed to improve the thermal conductivity between a computer’s
CPU and its heat sink. It is a high-performance thermal compound that can effectively transfer heat from the CPU to the heat sink,
reducing the temperature of the CPU and prolonging its lifespan.


Arctic MX 6 20% Better Performance

With its improved composition, the ARCTIC MX-6 has a measurably lower thermal resistance than the MX-4.
The basis for calculation is the temperature difference between the cooler base and the heat source
(in C) in relation to the applied heat load (in W), which also results in the unit C/W.

Proven Quality

We are proud of our thermal pastes. With over 20 years of experience in the PC cooling market
the MX-6 was developed with the goal to offer a first-class product at a fair price. The optimized formula is
based on the proven MX-4, one of the best-selling thermal pastes in the world. The focus was on
versatile application possibilities and an easy-to-use consistency.

Risk-free Application

MX-6 is neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. The thermal paste is also free of
liquid metal components, which can often lead to discoloration, abrasion or corrosion damage to the radiator bottom.

Often Copied, But Never Equaled

ARCTIC’s thermal pastes have always been one of the most popular products on the TIM market.
To be able to ensure that a paste has been produced and filled under ARCTIC regulations and thus meets
our high quality standards, we have the ARCTIC Authenticity Check. This means that every product can be
reliably verified so that our customers are always on the safe side.

Easy Application

Thanks to its consistency, MX-6 is easy to apply even for beginners. In the video,
we show how it can be applied to avoid air pockets between the processor and the cooler.







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